Just Get Up, Get Out, and Do It!

Man, does that sound easy.  Except that I am a member of the “yeah, but” club.  There’s just always something else, isn’t there?  Even though you know you’ll be glad you did it in the long run, for some reason it seems like a little extra motivation is necessary occasionally.

Especially when it’s optional.  Granted, Friday nights trip to West Forsyth High School for Winter Dance Concert 2014 was not optional.  My new step-daughter was dancing her second-to-last recital as a senior, my first time to see her and there was no doubt we would be there, and gladly!

The performance, of course, was well worth it, simply to see the smile on Mom and Daughter’s face after. If you ever even once think it doesn’t matter to your son or grand-daughter if you are there; think again.  And trust me, it’s really hard to look cool on a stage, field, diamond or court when you are peeking to make sure Mom and Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and the occasional girlfriend are in the stands.

Speaking of Grandma and Grandpa, bless your hearts!  I have a bunch of septuagenarian friends, a handful of octogenarian and even a couple whatever they call it when you get into your nineties.  And they still get up, get out and do it.  Which isn’t all that easy when the fire’s going, the dog is napping, dinner is still warm in the belly and the Lazy-Boy is already in the recline position.

But I still have memories of the cherry pies Grandma baked for home runs hit, and I’ll catch up to her for the ones she owes me sooner than I want.  So, kids, a small reminder here to make sure you let everyone know you do appreciate it.  We never know how long it will last.

Saturday at Lawndale Baptist Church’s Christmas Concert was optional, although we had tickets a co-worker contributed.  The 40-minute drive to Greensboro didn’t seem that bad on the way back, but I looked forward to the trip there the same way I’m anticipating my next colonoscopy.  Don’t give a second thought to an hour-and-a-half hike for a tee time, though!

Again, an evening well-spent!  After singing in the Calvary Baptist Celebration, it was great to see it from the other side and fully appreciate how hard all the people work during a busy time of their year to make that sharing opportunity available.  Great Stuff!

Free tickets to a basketball game are hard to turn down on a Sunday night, even after a day that included  singing at three services in the morning, Christmas tree, outdoor lights and bill paying in the afternoon.  Thanks to the Demon Deacons for the win.  A nice way to finish up a terrific weekend.

OK, so it is a busy time of year with all the extra things going on for the Holidays, but in the end it usually comes down to the mind-set, doesn’t it?  Granted, a couple Advil were necessary for the drive to Greensboro, but well worth it.  After it’s over it almost always seems worth it.  Sure, once in a while there is a clunker, but not very often.

There just is so much opportunity here in the Triad, especially with all the cultural and sporting events the Universities offer at very reasonable fees.  My bucket list is expanding rapidly, and I never thought I would appreciate the symphony or a poetry reading the way that I did this past summer.  I still don’t know Tchaikovsky from Bach, but my good friend the cello player is working on it.

I must also confess, the fact that a couple of the poems at the BookFair were about baseball made it a lot more palatable, but I never thought I would be there in the first place.

So there is no point in being a slug about going out when there is so much to do, and staying in is an easy rut to get into.  Actually, that’s not fair to slugs.  They at least move, albeit slowly.  I had gotten more into the couch potato mode.

Bottom line is just get up, get out and do it, and you will be glad you did.  And watch out Tanglewood, the Festival of Lights in on tap next!

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